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How Much Time Do I Have To File My Personal Injury Claim?

The amount of time you have to file your personal injury claim in the appropriate court depends on the facts surrounding the incident. There are many nuances that can drastically alter the time you have to file. For example, the Florida statute of limitations for time to file a personal injury claim is four years, compared to the three years you have under the general maritime law of the United States. However, if you are a cruise passenger there will be a clause found within your electronic ticket which further limits the time you have to bring a lawsuit. These clauses even direct where you must file your lawsuit. If you file a lawsuit that is in the wrong court and past the time allowed to file, you have lost your chance to seek legal recourse for your injury.

If you believe that there is a chance your claim is one that would fall within maritime law, you should call a lawyer who is experienced and board-certified in admiralty and maritime law. Call 888-976-3759 or email us to speak with one of our Florida maritime injury lawyers about your potential claim as soon as you can. There are also often rules for timing to file notices of claims which, if not acted upon quickly can also affect your ability to recover. Our maritime lawyers at Munch and Munch, P.A., will provide you with a confidential consultation, which will include letting you know the time restrictions applicable to your case, even if you choose not to hire our firm.