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Do I Need To Take Pictures Of The Scene? (Won’t The Cruise Have Surveillance Cameras?)

Best practice in any situation where you have been involved in an incident resulting in injury is to take pictures of the scene and of your injuries. Simply use your camera or phone camera to take pictures and video of everything that you believe is relevant to the incident, including your injuries. This will help your lawyers prepare the best case on your behalf because it is often difficult to remember small details of the ship or incident even though they are perfectly clear at the time of injury.

Although the cruise lines do have security cameras throughout the ship, you should never rely on getting the footage off of those cameras. The incident may occur just outside the camera’s view, the footage can be been taped over, or there may be some other reason preventing access to any footage. Additionally, inspecting the cruise ship in person can be challenging and expensive due to the ships’ busy travel schedules around the world. While we do conduct shipboard inspections, we want to have the most vivid facts available to build your case without having to wait for the ship to come to a nearby port.

Whether you have been injured aboard a cruise line, on an excursion, or even somewhere unrelated to the cruise industry, it is incredibly important for you or a loved one to take photos (and sometimes video) of the scene of the incident and your resultant injuries. This is often one of the most important actions you may take to help your case. If you or a loved one has been injured during a cruise vacation, call or email our cruise ship accident lawyers at Munch and Munch, P.A., for a free and confidential consultation today.