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As an injured seaman or crew member, you will be facing a challenging legal battle to obtain the compensation you need. Maritime and Jones Act law is extremely complicated and fact-specific. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed, the most important thing you can do is call an experienced maritime attorney who can help you.

At Munch and Munch, P.A., in Tampa, our Florida lawyers know how to handle these claims. In fact, our lead attorney, Jacob Munch, is extremely qualified in these matters. In addition to having decades of legal experience, he worked as a Merchant Marine officer licensed by the United States Coast Guard. Our legal team is uniquely qualified and experienced in protecting the rights and claims of seamen and crew members who are not being paid the benefits that they are entitled to by law. 

Maintenance And Cure

Maintenance and cure refers to the type of compensation benefits an injured seaman or crew member is entitled to receive. Anytime a crew member or seaman becomes injured or ill while subject to the service of the vessel, they are entitled by law to a per diem living allowance (maintenance) and payment for medical care and the costs associated therewith (cure).

This duty to pay maintenance and cure is dependent upon whether the injured crew member qualifies for Jones Act seaman status. The injury or illness need not arise out of the seaman’s work; even a prior illness or injury may be eligible for maintenance and cure. A ship owner is required to pay these benefits following an employee’s shipboard injury, illness or accident, regardless of fault. Additionally, an employer’s willful failure to pay a seaman their maintenance and cure may result in an award of punitive (punishment) damages against the employer.

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