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Fishermen, Longliner And Shrimp Boat Injuries

Commercial fishing is arguably one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. The long hours, often dangerous conditions, and high physical demands make commercial fishermen highly susceptible to serious workplace injuries.

If you have been injured while working on a commercial fishing boat, our Florida maritime lawyers at Munch and Munch, P.A., have years of knowledge and experience with these types of cases to quickly get you your benefits entitled by law. For example, the boat operator or owner may be required to pay you a daily stipend until you are medically cleared to return to work, as well as pay for your immediate medical care. Moreover, if the boat owner or operator was negligent in any way in causing your injury, or if a condition aboard the vessel caused it to be unfit for its intended use, you may also have a claim for additional compensation.

Our Florida maritime injury lawyers at Munch and Munch, P.A., have handled countless commercial fishing injury claims. Claims that we handle for injuries occurring on a commercial fishing vessel include but are not limited to:

  • Improper operation of equipment or machinery by other crewmembers
  • Limbs caught in cables, machinery, rigging, and netting
  • Falls through open hatches
  • Slip-and-falls on slippery decks, gangways, and ladders
  • Crane failures
  • Trip-and-falls on a cluttered deck
  • Improperly maintained or defective equipment
  • Broken safety guards
  • Winch failures
  • Cable and line bites
  • Hands and fingers severed or crushed by improperly secured hatches and portholes
  • Excessive pulling and lifting
  • Overloaded pots and nets
  • Working required in excessively rough conditions

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury while working on a commercial fishing boat, it is critical that you hire an experienced admiralty and maritime attorney, like ours at MMunch and Munch, P.A. A maritime injury claim has many different legal rules and timelines than a land-based injury or workers compensation claim. It is essential and can be fatal to your case if you do not have a lawyer who is familiar with these special maritime rules. Call 888-976-3759 or email us and let us help you protect your unique rights and get you the compensation you deserve.