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Obtaining insurance benefits is almost never a simple process. Insurance companies are notoriously tenacious when it comes to investigating and finding ways to deny their policyholders’ claims. This problem is much worse when it comes to maritime insurance claims. With much more intense laws and processes involved with maritime claims, these claims can become almost impossible for people to handle on their own. The real problem is that most people filing maritime insurance claims need these benefits. For many, not obtaining the benefits they have been paying for means financial ruin.

The insurance covering these claims can be almost impossible to get without the help of an experienced legal team. At Munch and Munch, P.A., we can help. Our attorneys, serving Tampa and throughout the state of Florida, have more than four decades of combined experience handling all types of water-related claims, including insurance disputes. We can help you obtain the benefits you need and make your insurance company pay what it owes you.

The Complexities Of Maritime Insurance Claims

Marine insurance is a complex area of the law. When a marine insurance policy claim has been denied, determining whether the denial was wrongful will hinge on a number of important facts, including:

  • Whether the marine insurance policy is a “named perils” or an “all risk” policy
  • Weather the clause cited by the insurance company as its basis for denial is ambiguous, implicating the rule of contracts, which states that ambiguity shall be read against the drafter (i.e., read in favor of the insured)
  • Whether the insured failed to disclose any facts during coverage negotiations that would have materially affected the underwriting of the risk

Marine insurance is distinct from typical insurance disputes, and underwriters and adjusters of marine insurance policies have a keen understanding of the language in these policies, which they use to pinpoint bases for denying claims. However, our lawyers know the important facts upon which your claim will hinge, and we also know how to read and understand the unique language of these types of policies under applicable maritime laws.

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