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Why cruise ship mishaps can easily lead to a brain injury

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2024 | Cruise Ship Accidents

The very same reality that makes a cruise ship vacation so appealing also puts people at quite a bit of risk. Being out on the water can lead to dazzling scenery and the calming effect of a rocking vessel on the waves. However, cruise ship passengers can also end up severely injured by the ocean waters that they travel on during their vacations. Anyone who goes overboard while on a cruise ship could end up seriously injured and at risk of dying.

Low railings combined with liberal amounts of alcohol could put someone at risk of falling overboard after an enjoyable evening. Bad weather could also contribute to someone ending up in the water. Passengers who fall from cruise ships are at risk of numerous injuries, including brain injuries.

How going overboard can hurt the brain

From a significant enough elevation, a fall onto water can be like a fall onto a hard surface. The blunt force trauma of striking the water could potentially cause a brain injury. The fall could render someone unconscious, leaving them incapable of swimming or calling for help.

Even if the fall itself does not cause an injury, someone who nearly drowns could also develop a brain injury. Drowning causes hypoxia or a lack of oxygen to the brain. That can rapidly lead to damage to the brain tissue. Experts estimate that damage to brain tissue may begin developing after four minutes, and death is possible as little as eight minutes after someone goes into the water.

The damage caused by the fall or by the lack of oxygen during a near-drowning incident could have a variety of different medical consequences. People may suffer permanent medical setbacks because of brain injuries such as changes in their personality, challenges with cognition and changes to their motor function.

In cases where poor practices by cruise ship operators contributed to the passenger’s injury, they may have grounds to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other financial setbacks. Pursuing compensation may require a personal injury lawsuit when a cruise ship passenger gets hurt due to unsafe vessel conditions or poor business practices. Those hurt on what should have been an enjoyable vacation may need assistance seeking compensation for the consequences of a cruise ship incident.