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Pool injuries are common on cruise ships 

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Cruise Ship Accidents

The holiday choice for many Americans each year is a cruise. Modern holiday vessels have luxurious rooms, all the food you could dream of and a host of other facilities. 

Generally, these cruise ships will have a swimming pool too, which both the children and adults can enjoy. Of course, all of this is great fun, but it’s important to remember that pools also have their hazards. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of swimming pool injuries. 

Improper signage 

Many pools have clear warning signs saying that users should not dive into the water. It’s also helpful if pools clearly show which side is the deep end, and which side is shallow. Many accidents occur from people diving into the pool and striking their heads on the floor. If adequate warning signs have not been displayed, the cruise line operator could be held liable for the injuries. 

A lack of safety staff 

Responsible cruise line operators will have lifeguards present at all times while the pool is in operation. Lifeguards are there not only to prevent accidents but reduce the risk of severe injury should something go wrong. If a person gets into trouble in the water, and this goes unnoticed, they could suffer severe injuries. They may even drown. 

You’re entitled to enjoy your vacation without being exposed to unnecessary risks. If a cruise operator has been negligent and you’ve been hurt as a result, it may be in your best interests to assess your legal options