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3 important points to know about cruise ship injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Cruise Ship Accidents

Going on a cruise should be a very enjoyable experience. Most people will complete the cruise and return home without any issues. Sometimes things happen that lead to issues during the cruise. 

When the problem that you run into is negligence that results in an injury or illness, you might want to know what options you have. In many cases, you can seek compensation for the damages associated with the injuries. Because these are considered maritime injuries unless they occur in United States-controlled waters, there are some things you need to consider:

#1: Venue clause

On your ticket or paperwork for the cruise, there’s a bunch of information. One point, the venue clause, which is sometimes called the forum-selection clause, stipulates where you must file claims against the cruise line. This isn’t necessarily where the ship is registered. Cruises that begin in the United States usually have this listed as Florida because many are headquartered here. 

#2: Negligence and maritime law

The negligence standards for maritime law are much stricter than those in most states. In order to meet the strict standard for negligence, the cruise operator had to have been able to predict the injury you suffered. While this might seem hard to prove, someone familiar with these cases will likely know how to handle things. 

#3: Medical malpractice

Typically, the medical staff members on cruise ships are considered independent contractors, which can prohibit you from being able to seek compensation from the cruise line if medical negligence led to your injuries. You’d have to turn to the practitioner or their insurer for compensation. 

Discussing your case with a person who’s intimately familiar with maritime law and cruise ship injuries is beneficial. You have a very limited time to seek compensation, so be sure you don’t waste any time before you get your case filed if you’re going to take this action.