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Could a boater’s age help explain why a crash has occurred?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Boating Accidents

If you look at car crash statistics, you’ll see that age plays a role in who is most likely to cause – or otherwise be involved in – a collision. Teenage drivers are far more likely to be affected by a crash than any other age group. Those at the other end of the age spectrum also suffer a high risk of causing and suffering harm.

What about boats? Could someone’s age make it more likely that they’ll cause a boating accident?

The inexperience of youth

The main reason so many teenagers crash is their lack of driving experience. Everyone makes mistakes when they first do something, but they get better with practice.

Think back to the first time you took the helm of a boat – you were likely nervous and unlikely to have performed perfectly. Maneuvers you could now perform blindfolded may have had you sweating. Over time, you have learned a lot about the hazards to watch out for – which includes other boaters – and can now generally anticipate hazards and avoid accidents accordingly.

It’s also probable that age has made you more cautious and less likely to take the kind of foolish risks teenagers often make because they have not considered the consequences of their actions or have succumbed to peer pressure.

The mind and body can weaken in old age

On the flip side, advanced age weakens people’s abilities to do certain things. Some of which may affect their ability to handle a boat safely. Reduced hearing and vision can lessen the ability to notice hazards. Slowed mental processing and reduced physical strength lessen the chance they can then react in time to avoid a collision.

If someone injures you in a boating accident, considering their age may help you to narrow down what went wrong. If you can accurately determine the cause(s) of a crash, you are more likely to get the compensation you deserve.