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Muster drills are a mandatory part of cruising

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruises are a great way to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation. Guests are privy to lavish meals, exclusive shopping, relaxing spa services and theatrical performances while the cocktails freely flow. However, before that happens every passenger must attend a muster drill.

Maritime law requires each ship to hold a muster drill to ensure the safety of everyone on board. The ship is not permitted to set sail until every passenger attends the drill. The safety information that is shared with passengers at this time is crucial. In the event of an emergency, passengers will know exactly where to go and what to do.

What happens during a muster drill?

Cruise ship cabins are equipped with life jackets for each guest. In addition, each cabin has an assigned deck and spot to report to in the event of an emergency. During a muster drill, every passenger is expected to report to that predetermined area.

Once you find your spot the Captain will lead the crew in a safety demonstration. This includes learning how to secure your life jacket and which lifeboat is assigned to your cabin. The muster drill is completed within 15 minutes. Once it concludes, the ship will set sail and passengers can begin to enjoy the amenities on board.

Don’t skip your ships’ muster drill

Those who fail to report to their assigned deck spots during the muster drill will immediately be reported to the Captain. The Captain will then page the missing passengers, reminding them about the drill.

Should the passengers ignore the Captain’s page they may find themselves being escorted off the ship before the cruise has begun, or at the first port of call. These drills are just one of the measures cruise ships must implement to fulfill their duties toward you. Ensuring you comply with all safety requirements will strengthen your case should you ever need to claim because you get injured due to their negligence.