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2 reasons a cruise line may be responsible for a passenger’s injury

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2022 | Cruise Ship Accidents

A cruise may seem like the ultimate low-effort vacation. You simply need to board the vessel, and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Cruise lines provide these amenities so frequently and to so many people that you should be able to expect safe, reliable accommodations. Unfortunately, some people who take a vacation cruise end up with an injury or illness as a souvenir. When could you potentially take action against a cruise line for an injury you suffered on vacation?

When they have violated health or safety laws

Perhaps the cook at one of the onboard restaurants served fish that was past the expiration date or that had not received proper refrigeration. Maybe not having enough cleaning chemicals onboard meant that staff members cut corners when sanitizing community spaces.

If health and hygiene practices lead to people getting ill while on the cruise or shortly after returning home, the company may have some liability for the medical costs and lost wages of the affected passengers.

When drunken passengers or staff members hurt you

All-inclusive accommodations can motivate some people to overindulge. Although staff members should cut people off when they are already visibly drunk, some may continue serving alcohol in the hopes of a gratuity.

Staff members, frustrated after a long and stressful shift, might have a few drinks while they are not on the clock. Intoxicated individuals with you on the cruise ship could hurt you unintentionally by causing accidents or intentionally through criminal behavior such as assault. Learning more about different kinds of cruise ship injuries can help you seek justice and compensation if your dream vacation turned into an oceanic nightmare.