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You’re in more danger when a cruise ship gets caught in a storm

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Cruise Ship Accidents

Weather can be unpredictable at sea, and the sea is notorious for violent storms. Those who decide to take a cruise sometimes worry about being caught in one of these sudden events.

For example, a cruise ship in heavy waves could drastically tip from side to side, despite its size and the technology it contains to protect it from this type of event. This movement can cause passengers to be struck by objects on the ship, to lose their footing, to fall on stairs or walkways, and simply to feel like they are not nearly as safe as they should be. Things like torrential downpours and plummeting temperatures only complicate this further.

Should the captain have avoided the storm?

The major benefit that a cruise ship has is that it can avoid a storm. For instance, one captain said this:

“We’ve steered our ships around typhoons, hurricanes, fog, massive storms with rapid intensification—which gets the term ‘bomb cyclones…If you are on our ship and there’s a hurricane out there, I can move you. I can get you to better weather.”

But this raises a significant question: If your ship does get caught in an unexpected storm, was the captain acting negligently? Did they forget to check the weather? Did they plan an accurate course? Should they have done more to avoid that storm, as the aforementioned captain insinuated, and did their lack of action increase the danger you were facing on the ship?

After all, the injuries you suffer on a cruise ship could be extensive or even life-altering. If you find yourself in a position like this, it’s important to know all the legal options at your disposal.