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2 serious but easy-to-overlook job risks for fishermen

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Fishing Industry

Fishermen and other professionals that harvest aquatic foods, like shrimp boat workers, assume significant personal risks to help keep the country fed. They work long hours in dangerous environments to bring in fresh seafood.

Fishermen can get hurt on the job for all kinds of reasons, including heavy moving equipment, careless co-workers and vessels that capsize. Oftentimes, the underlying cause of a fisherman’s injury on the job is duller than an extreme storm. Specifically, there are two factors that contribute to a large number of the fishermen injuries that are reported every year.

Significant fatigue

People need adequate rest to use their bodies proficiently and to think clearly. The more tired someone feels, the more impaired they become. Fatigue tends to affect the brain quite a bit like alcohol, which is why commercial drivers and airline pilots are subject to strict rules about how long they can operate their specialized vehicles.

Fatigue is a safety issue in any industry where reaction times and distraction could lead to injury or death. Unfortunately, many fishermen end up working incredibly long shifts and not getting enough rest to recover the full use of their faculties.

Distraction on the job

There are many hazards that make working on a fishing vessel so dangerous. From the nets that someone may have to step over on the deck to the waves coming over the side of the boat, there are many risk factors that people have to remain constantly aware of while moving across the boat and performing job responsibilities.

Distractions caused by coworkers or possibly a mobile device might lead to someone stepping in the wrong spot or overlooking an oncoming piece of machinery with potentially tragic results. People who are complacent about their environment are more likely to give in to the temptation of distraction and later pay the price.

Fishermen and other professionals can more easily protect themselves when they understand the influences that place them at particular risk of injury while working. Additionally, learning about the rights of injured fishermen can help to protect both workers and their family members when injuries do occur.