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What are your rights if you are injured on a cruise ship?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2022 | Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruises are enjoyable and relaxing in most situations. However, some hazards can cause serious danger to passengers if they aren’t managed properly. 

If you experienced an illness or injury on a cruise ship, you might be able to sue the cruise line to receive compensation. The right to do this depends on several factors, including who caused the harm. You must act quickly since your ability to file a claim doesn’t last forever. 

When can you sue the cruise line for your injuries?

The first step is determining who is responsible if you are considering filing a lawsuit after experiencing an injury on a cruise line. This is the person you can hold liable. 

Many people believe passengers can sue the cruise line company for any injuries or illnesses sustained while on board; however, this isn’t always the case. 

If your injury was caused by cruise operation negligence, then suing the cruise line may be possible. However, sometimes injuries are caused by the negligence or act of a crew member. 

Based on vicarious liability, the employer is responsible for harm caused by employee negligence. However, this is only the case if the negligence occurred in the employee’s scope of employment. 

The issue with this is that some crew members are hired as independent contractors, which means vicarious liability for the company doesn’t exist. In this case, you must sue the individual for your injury and harm rather than the cruise line. 

Your rights when injured on a cruise ship

You have rights if you are injured on a cruise ship due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. It’s important to act quickly and learn these rights to ensure you recover the compensation you are entitled to receive for your losses.