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When children get hurt on cruise ships

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Cruise Ship Accidents

When a family embarks on a cruise, the last thing they expect is for a child to get injured. However, accidents can happen, and it’s crucial for parents to know what steps to take if their child gets hurt on a cruise ship. 

Not long ago, a story ran in Florida about a seemingly healthy tween who had to be airlifted off a cruise ship for a perforated bowel that occurred for reasons not revealed in the coverage. This kind of sudden medical condition – along with injuries that have apparent causes – may potentially be actionable if a cruise line or its staff negligently contributed to the cause of harm in question. 

If you’re a parent of a child and you’re going to embark on a cruise together, know that prompt action in the wake of harm can help ensure your child’s well-being and protect your legal rights. The following are some important steps to keep in mind. 

Seek immediate medical attention and document the situation

Cruise ships typically have medical staff on board who can provide initial treatment. Even if an injury or illness seems minor, it’s essential to get a professional evaluation to ensure there are no underlying issues. Prompt medical care can also provide crucial documentation of the injury, which can be important if you decide to pursue a legal claim.

Thorough documentation can be consequential in the aftermath of an injury. Take detailed notes about the circumstances leading up to the harm at issue. If possible, take photographs of the scene and the injury or symptoms of the illness. Then, report the incident to ship security and gather any evidence related to what has happened. 

Once your child has been attended to, you can start looking into your rights and legal options. If the cruise line or its staff are to blame for your child’s harm, your family shouldn’t be burdened with the financial ramifications of that reality.