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Potential hazards for harbor workers

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Longshoremen and Harbor Worker Injuries

The maritime industry in and around Tampa, Florida provides the community with numerous jobs. This work extends to much more than working aboard ships; there are also harbors to maintain, containers to unload and more.

Unfortunately, this type of work does not come without its potential hazards. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of injury to harbor workers.

Mooring vessels

When vessels arrive into the harbor, it isn’t as simple as just parking up and leaving them there. The water is constantly moving, which means it would take the ship with it if left unattached. It is the role of harbor workers to moor vessels, which means utilizing ropes and winches to secure the ship.

If workers are not careful, they can be caught in these ropes and even be pulled over the edge and into the water. Harbor workers also need to be careful of the tension placed on ropes. If they snap, they essentially become missiles that can do serious damage, particularly to the face and head.

Exposure to hazardous materials

Shipping containers contain a variety of goods and products. Many of the substances within containers have the potential to be dangerous if they leak or are exposed to heat. Chemical leaks and harbor fires are something that workers always have to be prepared for, as the injuries resulting from chemical burns and smoke inhalation can be devastating.

An injury on the job can be debilitating and you may no longer be able to earn the income that you need if you’ve sustained harm while on the job. There are options in terms of obtaining compensation for work-related injuries. Seek legal guidance to find out more.