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3 reasons you should visit a doctor after a boating accident

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Boating Accidents

If you are injured while on a boat, there are typically ways to claim compensation related to your harm. The opportunities at your disposal will depend upon why you were on the boat in the first place.

If you were out leisure boating when you were injured, you may be in a position to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who caused the accident. If you were injured while working on a boat, you’d probably look to claim compensation from your employer through the appropriate scheme.

A medical check-up is imperative in both situations. Here is why you can’t “skip” having your injuries evaluated by a medical professional.

1. You can’t claim compensation without making this effort

You cannot file a claim without proof of your injuries, and that proof will come from a medical report. You also can’t claim compensation for how your injuries will affect things – such as your ability to work or the quality of your life – without a doctor’s report that confirms the validity of that claim. Securing all of this information may require several visits to your medical provider.

2. A report soon after the event ties your injuries to the event

Back injuries, for example, can occur for all sorts of reasons. If you do not have a medical document saying that your injury occurred due to a particular accident, the other party may claim you incurred harm some other way, such as when you were clearing your garage.

3. A medical check-up may save your life

Maybe you feel fine for the first few hours or days after the accident. Yet that could change due to the unseen progression of undetected injuries. Examples could include a spinal injury, a traumatic brain injury or an internal bleed. Seeking immediate medical attention allows doctors to rule such things out or to treat them if they have occurred.

Additionally, seeking legal help straight after receiving medical care will increase the chance that you’ll succeed in your quest for compensation.