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What is distracted boating?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Boating Accidents

You’ve probably heard of distracted driving. Each year, thousands are injured, and many are killed on the roads because drivers are not paying sufficient attention. 

Have you ever thought being distracted on the water might be just as dangerous? Many boat owners or renters appear not to have considered this. They travel across the water at speed, their attention elsewhere, as if there is nothing to worry about between here and Havana.

4 frequent boater distractions

Here are some of the common reasons boat operators might not see another vessel:

  1. Cell phones: Designers of social media, apps and phones know how to grab people’s attention. The best thing a boat operator can do to outwit them is to turn their phone off or put it out of sight and hearing.
  2. Food and drink: Drinking plenty of water is crucial to avoid dehydration while out on the water. Yet people often turn boat outings into a full-on picnic complete with alcohol and all kinds of food. Setting the boat on a straight course as you rummage through the cooler increases the chance of hitting something.
  3. Companions: What could be nicer than a day out on the ocean with friends? Yet, someone needs to prioritize steering and keeping a lookout, even if it means missing out on some of the fun.
  4. Fishing: Getting out a rod or trailing a line is part of the boating experience for many people. Yet untangling a knotted line or fighting a large fish can absorb too much attention for anyone in charge of the boat. 

If a boat operator injures you because they were not paying attention, seek legal help to hold them accountable for your injuries.