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Can tourists sue for getting injured on a boat?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Boating Accidents

Sometimes, tour guides and their captains get things wrong. They might take a group out on the water when there is a storm rolling in or may have failed to repair a boat adequately to handle larger waves or rough water. As a tourist traveling on a boat of any kind, one thing you should be aware of is your right to pursue a claim against the owner or company if you are injured on that boat.

Tour boat accidents tend to lead to several common injuries. These include drowning (which may or may not end in death), lacerations from sharp edges, contusions from harsh movement, concussions from falling or capsizing and other serious injuries.

Fortunately, you can pursue a claim if you’re hurt on a tour and can show that the tour was not adequately prepared for the conditions or put you in harm’s way due to outright negligence. Even if the carrier had a waiver for some of the injuries that could happen (like minor bumps and bruises or sunburns) that waiver may not apply if you were badly hurt as a result of errors on the part of the tour.

What do you need to do if you’re hurt on a tour boat?

When you’re hurt, the first thing you have to do is let the guide or operator know that you’ve been injured. In a major collision or event, they’ll probably already know that something is wrong and have taken action to call for help, but if the injury happens when there wasn’t a major accident, you should let them know directly.

Ask to go to shore or to have emergency care come to you. At that point, you should be trying to record who you’re talking with or write down the specifics of what happened. These details can be important when you make your claim later.

Finally, get medical care. You’ll need to find out how bad your injuries are and get on a treatment plan as soon as you can.

You deserve support after a serious injury

Whether you’re injured because of overcrowding, a collision with another watercraft, a defective boat design or another issue, it is important to consider looking into making a claim. The owner or operator of a boat should be held accountable if they were negligent when touring with passengers.